About Us

Fisher Building Systems Inc was created in 2007 because of changing needs in the oil sector. Previously, under the name Bea Fisher Enterprises Inc the company manufactured and sold wooden pump houses to the oil sector which began in 1972 under the previous name of The Lloydminster & District Sheltered Workshop and Training Centre Society, later to be renamed The Bea Fisher Centre Inc in 1990. The Bea Fisher Centre Inc, at present day, only exists to provide programs and services to persons with developmental disabilities.

Until 2004, wooden pump houses were the choice of the oil sector, but with increased demand for fire safety and environmental noise, there became a need for and an awareness of steel pump shacks. As a result, from 2004 to 2007 Bea Fisher Enterprises Inc purchased component parts from an outside source and assembled steel pump houses, while still manufacturing wooden pump houses.

When Bea Fisher Enterprises Inc evaluated their sustainability as a company, whose goals and objectives were to provide employment for persons with developmental disabilities and to create revenue for The Bea Fisher Centre Inc, we quickly realized that our very survival as a viable entity was to diversify and align ourselves with the competitive business market. At this point, the Bea Fisher Enterprises Inc initiated the formation of Fisher Building Systems Inc. This newly created company now manufactures both wood and steel pump houses and any other products required.

Fisher Building Systems Inc. evolved because of the commitment to provide products to the oil sector. But most importantly, the very existence of all the companies mentioned above was to create better opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities which were initially served by The Lloydminster & District Sheltered Workshop and Training Centre Society.

The companies are intertwined significantly and driven by strong ethics and good philosophy, which are fundamental to the group of companies. Our strong belief of the cause and our reputation for being leaders in supporting disadvantaged people has earned us high corporate integrity. It is this corporate integrity, based on right and good ethical philosophy, that transcends all else. By evolution, Fisher Building Systems Inc has inherited and incorporated the culture, spirit, compassion and high quality standard into our quality assurance program for both product sophistication and customer satisfaction. Though our name and product line-up have evolved, many Canadian and other international companies continue to rely on Fisher Building Systems for our versatile, customized products. As we grow, we welcome all inquiries.